Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Term Break

ok, so this week is my term break... so sorry to those of you out there who are back in school. It's 10:35 and i just woke up.... rubs eyes...

the weekend was definately fun... saturday had worship practice where i played bass for the 1st time. Then has worship team meeting after that.... ok lah... that wasn't THAT fun =P.
Sunday went to church setup for worship then screwed up i think 5 times during worship... i think it wasn't that noticeable, at least it wasnt distracting i hope. After that went to Fuji Ice Palace with Shaun, Joy, Lynn, Winnie, Celestine, Shalom, Vanessa, Xiaorong, Milton and 2 other girls who i don't really know. I got myself all wet coz I did 4 crossovers, which is rather risky on such wet surface... so i ended up on my rear end sliding for about 4 metres. Teaching the others how to skate... like Xiaorong and Celestine... they kinda got the hang of it in the end. Xiaorong's dad was afraid her fingers would get chopped off if she fell and put her hand in a path of someone's skates.... i dunno... just think that's vaguely happy tree friendish
Then went for Shufen's Birthday Party at her house in Paya Lebar.... wah so many people... so many BBQ was a fun party, just that 1/2 of us were so wiped out from ice skating that we only hung around for about 2 hours.

National Day was interesting... went to a bungalow somewhere at changi i think... it's a chalet sorta thing... it's opposite the sailing club.... dumped my stuff there with all the old folks, then headed off with Deanna, Nat and Marc to the sailing club to sail... Nat and Marc say that the conditions were horrible... i thought that it was normal.... choppy waves, heavy inconsistent winds etc... so we sailed around for 2 hours... since there could only be 2 people in the boat, Nat and I took one coz she knew what to do, and Marc and Dee took the other boat coz Marc knows what to do.... I felt kinda bad... sorry Nat if you read this.... if You, Marc, Dee and I ever go sailing again, you can take the boat with Marc and i'll just capsize with Dee.... =P
I must say that sailing is definately not easy... takes a lot of skill just to go up and down the shore over and over and over.... it's sortof like ice skating... not very purposeful, just do what you want.
But fun once you get the hang of it.... I'm at least happy to say that i don't have any concussions/ huge cuts or any missing limbs after that... haha....
After sailing, we headed back to the chalet, bummed at the pool then played with the rugby ball a bit before having dinner.... watched the NDP and a bit of Singapore Idol before i went to play pool with Marc... Marc's a really sincerely nice guy.... not many of these nice guys out there really.... Nat count your blessings... Not to mention that he does look good too...

alrighty then.... tomorrow's supposed to be a special day... supposed to be excited about it.... but i'm not really.... many people think it's a very big deal.... but to me it's just another day... i dunno why.... guess i'm just used to not celebrating it already for a very long time...

Monday, August 02, 2004

Term Test Week

blarg... term tests this week... 4 tests... 2 2hr papers and 2 1 hr papers...1 entirely MCQ... not so bad this time round. Usually during this time in previous semesters i would be peeing in my pants. The good part of this is that next week is my term break... holidays... yea...
anyway, the 4 subjects are:
1. Business Strategies and Planning (cos the government wants to encourage more entrepeneurs -_-'')
2. Data Structures and Algorithms (basically java programming more cheem)
3. Computer Communications (All MCQ whee)
4. Microcontroller System Design (another hard one)

Went for Sonic Festival on Saturday.... was quite impressive as well as inspriring... it's basically a showcase of Christian "ARTS" so like dance, theatre and mostly bands.
the bands that played were really professional... and i only saw 2 of them. People using these skills to glorify God... their skill is just utterly amazing... from all the mind boggling guitar solos to all the "what did she/he just do?" drum rolls.... 1/2 the time, ur mouth is just agape...
Jae... u should've gone. There was a bass solo too.
But of course this was showmanship, not a worship concert, so it was rather fine to include those solos in... those in worship team should know what i mean... it's hard to put in an instrumental solo without distracting the congregation during worship... not unless u like come from City Harvest or New Creation (hah... i'm being stereotypical). Strangely enough, even if i go for a more "charismatic" worship at another church that does have instrumental solos, it's quite a bit of a distraction to me too. It takes the focus off God and onto the person playing. I dunno... but that's my take... if anyone out there feels otherwise, good for you.

Finally things are starting off for the worship team again... our "break" is over... and we'll be leading worship this sunday again. It's exciting as well as a bit daunting for me right now. Excited to be able to do all the things that we used to do months back... daunted because i have taken up the responsibility as head of crew ministry (which i wanted to start). So i have to juggle all these things along with lots of other stuff... i'm all out to do it, i just hope i can put my 100% into everything without affecting my studies...
So Joy's leading this sunday, and this marks a new milestone in the worship team... where we begin again... starting with less people who can play because several have disappeared due to one reason or another... but with a lot of young ones who are interested in playing.
All glory to God what ever the result is.