Sunday, November 07, 2004

Can't think of a title

another week gone past... anyway, i took my supplementary paper on monday and i thank God that it went rather well... very confident that i'll pass it.
Then went with Evan to recee ACS (I), and here i begin my rant that ACS (I) is unreasonable and clearly quite dumb. They are charging us heaploads of money just to use their classrooms. For goodness sakes, this is Truthmin under Trinity Annual Conference.... the Methodist Church.... the Church that is bonded directly to ACS (I). Yet they choose to rip us off. If i had the option and Evan agrees, we would have the camp elsewhere. From the money we are paying at ACS (I), we could hire buses to send the whole bunch of youth to malaysia and stay at a 4 star hotel. Furthermore, they say that their cooks at the boarding house arent very happy because they would be on holiday if not for the ONE camp which they have to cater for. Also, we have certain requests of the food and quantity for each meal for programme reasons and they complain we are fussy. Alright then, how about we get our own caterer from outside, that would save all the trouble. NoooOooOooo.... they say they'll charge us double if we get outside caterer because they need to get their pple to clean up after we've finished.... -_-''
Unfortunately, i'm not in charge or have any jurisdiction whatsoever in that department so i can't say nuts. (P.S: their classrooms of which we are using 20 of them, are charged at 55 per hour for 1st 2 hours and 20 for the subsequent hours... however they seem to be giving us some "special" rate)
ok i shall rant no more.... i dont think it's very healthy to rant so much.

today i bought my new bass from seligie... and i'm quite happy with it... for 212 dollars they threw in a strap, bag and guitar cable too...

then i went down to the 3rd place for service. Today, this girl named Winnie (no, not Winnie Ng) led worship, Melissa played drums, Michael played bass and Jeremy played keyboard.
Jeremy isn't from the 3rd place. If i recall, i think he's from Wesley Methodist. On several occasions, ever since the creative arts ministry camp to the recent Young Methodist Leaders Conference, i saw him play the keyboard with the people from Truthministries. I realise one thing... that Jeremy is extremely anointed when it comes to playing the keyboard for worship.
He's currently serving NS which probably makes him 20? 21?
But when His hands touch that keyboard, it's so much different from so many other musicians i've seen. He plays with such humility and is able to minister to the congregation with just his playing... it's so clear that God is using Him directly in this area. He doesnt play with pride or with an attitude to show off... and God just uses the music just speak to a person's soul during that time of worship.
Also, he has that passion, that yearning to do more than what a usual musician would do. He doesnt treat the songs individually and he knows that the whole experience of worship is meant not to be broken.
I remember a time when people would say that this or that person is really anointed, and i would tell myself that ALL christians are anointed, none more or less anointed than another. I still stand by that view that all christians are equally anointed by God. However, i think we need to ask for that anointing, to be able to be humble and dead to oneself and to be totally used by God to become all that He wants us to be.
It is typical for a human being to become a great musician. It is extraordinary for a human being to be anointed as God's musician. I want that anointing too, and i ask that God use me no matter how hopeless or unskilled I am compared to other musicians like Jeremy.