Monday, December 06, 2004


ok, i will begin this post which should be relatively rather long with this: ONE CAMP WAS AWESOME!
in comparison to the young methodist leaders conference this year, i think it had quite an opposite effect on me. YMLC really charged me full of energy and was really reaffirming for me as a methodist. ONE camp on the other hand completely drained me and at the same time was really really rewarding. I was running around like a mad worker ant for the 1st 3 days of the 5 day camp, then come the 4th day, i fell sick. To see so many methodist youths from so many different churches and schools, bond together and worship together and play together, it was just amazing. Furthermore, since i was in the camp comm, i felt so much satisfaction from all the really hard work we put into the camp.

the 1st 3 days were really hectic for me... with all the games and activities we had, i was tied down and running around for almost 8-10 hours everyday. On the 3rd day, i was already feeling that the whole aspect of me being able to help so much in this camp was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.
And to top the 3rd day off, the Truthmin people asked me to play guitar with them for worship, like 1/2 an hour just before worship because Mark M wasnt gonna play that night. It's seriously a dream come true for me to play with these guys. I entertained the thought of perhaps being able to play with them while we were still preparing for camp. But i brushed off the idea and told myself that it wouldnt happen. But there i was, with Mark M's 7000 dollar Taylor (a super nice sounding acoustic guitar) in my hands playing for worship with these guys. I screwed up a couple of times during the worship because i didnt practice (but then again, they hadnt either). It's an eperience i would never forget. After the worship, i had like 5 people come up to me and praise me about my playing. I never guessed that would happen especially when after the worship, i thought i seriously sucked in playing that night because i was so nervous. Perhaps they were just being nice and encouraging me over all my stupid mistakes but it only took one comment by one person to really reaffirm me. Mark D, the drummer... on the 4th day we were gonna have an evangelistic concert, followed by worship, and he asked Reginald (the worship leader) whether i could play with them along with Mark M on lead guitar. I was like "woahh" inside... it meant a lot. And even though i didnt play that night because Pator Alvin was already on stage with his Taylor, i felt a great sense of happiness in me to be able to be accepted among these guys in honouring God in worship.

Oh yeah, i also mentioned that they dont practice. They really dont. like 20 mins before the worship, Reginald or Annabel will choose their songs from their songbook. then just practice for 15 mins (inclusive of about 3 mins of prayer). Hopefully one day, i can do that without screwing up during the worship too.

Also on the 4th night, the e-concert, during the worship, towards the end where they had mostly exhausted their songs, Mark D started playing the drum beat for All Day... then Joshua the bassist followed along with the bass intro... Reginald just gave them a blank stare... and after they clicked with one another and the song was over, Reginald commented that it's dangerous when musicians start to play a song that the worship leader doesnt know... haha...
I also happen to know Mark D and Joshua from ACS barker.... Mark D was 1 year my senior and Joshua was 1 year my junior, so i was able to connect with them during the camp. I will also mention here that Joshua plays a Fender Bass guitar that he's buying from Reginald's brother for 1210 dollars. It has this weird metal piece over the strings where the pickup is. Never seen such a thing before, but it sounds and plays damn awesome.... (maybe the reason why Truthmin worship team plays and sounds so good is because of their instruments).... haha just kidding. I really think not.... more that they're really pro.

I'm seriously super blessed through this camp... even though it drained everything out of me, it was the most rewarding camp i've ever had... To be able to work with so many great servants like Evan and so many others. To have gotten to know so many people and made so many new friends. At this moment, my heart goes out to Evan whose camera, thumbdrive and bible went missing. We were all so tired that we didnt remember what happened to those things. Evan is a really amazing servant of God because he does so many things at the same time and can accomplish all those things too.... He really has a heart for the youth in the churches, no matter who they are. I would actually say that the whole camp was solely planned by him, and he was only recognised as "Games IC"... he handled everything, from making t-shirts to the accomodations, to the games, the structured experiences, the recceing, the food.... At the same time he had to preach for his church youth camp and also write up some papers he had due as a student at Trinity Theological College. Yet he did more than any other camp comm did. I find it quite misleading to only recognise him as "Games IC" when he did everyone else's part in the camp comm.
There will always be unsung heroes.

I really thank the Lord for giving me such a great experience. Truly everything is in His hands. If Youth Camp was made on this week, i wouldnt be able to serve in the ONE camp. So my disappointment with not being able to go for Youth Camp was replaced with the joy of serving in another camp in a MUCH LARGER scale.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!