Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Terri don't like LTA...
was talking to terri while i was in school, then i told her i was stuck with my project cos she said i was slacking and chatting on msn.

terri: ugh..
terri: tell me abt it
terri: im stuck in a rut for my essay too
-Ian-: it's an essay
terri: so??
terri: its counted
-Ian-: i'm stuck with trying to find a way to retrieve data from the root flash file to the parent flash file, so that i can display it and upload it into a node under a folder
-Ian-: you?
terri: im trying to see how i can sue LTA and compare previous law to the current one
-Ian-: i understood what u were tlaking abt
-Ian-: u understand what i was talking abt?
terri: OEI! not fair

hmm i can probably get terri into trouble by forwarding what she said to LTA.... just a thought. haha