Friday, March 25, 2005

Holy Week

well, i went for the interview on monday and now i've been interning there for almost 1 week now. it's been really interesting and fulfilling being able to do all these things. preparing for worship and events. But at the same time it's really really tiring. everyday i get home, wiped out... i dont even have the energy to wake up at 6.20 every morning to run anymore. hopefully next week i'll start running again. tomorrow's good friday... well actually today since it's 12.40am... have to lead worship for 3rd place service tomorrow. Not 100% prepared yet... not as prepared as i usually am by now.

gonna end off this post with this song i heard at the set we put up for Geylang Methodist School this morning... Nobody else really could go this far for us. Humans will always fail one another, but He's always that great constant who will never change, and never fail us.
go look up the song... it's by third day.. really really nice... can just feel your heart wrench everytime i hear it.

Love Song

I've heard it said that a man would climb a mountain
Just to be with the one he loves
How many times has he broken that promise
It has never been done
Well I never climbed the highest mountain,
but I walked the hill of Calvary

Just to be with you I'd do anything
There's no price I would not pay
Just to be with you I'd give everything
Oh I'd give my life away

And I've heard it said that a man would swim the ocean
Just to be with the one he loves
All of those dream are empty motion
It has never been done
Well I've never swam the deepest ocean,
but I've walked upon the raging sea

Just to be with you I'd do anything
There's no price I would not pay
Just to be with you I would give everything
I would give my life away

And I know that you don't understand the fullness of my love
How I died upon the cross for your sins
And I know that you don't realize how much that I give you
And I promise I would do it all again

Just to be with you I've done everything
There's no price I did not pay
Just to be with you I gave everything
Yes I gave my life away
I gave my life away
Just to be with you

Monday, March 21, 2005


yup, finally another semester is over.... internship semester was okay... it was boring here and there, but i had a lot of time after school and on the weekends to do stuff... probably one of the more enjoyable semesters in poly.

now, i'm like sitting at home, when about 7 days ago, i would be sitting in a lab. At 10.30, i'm gonna go get ready and go down to 3rd place. Feeling REALLY nervous about it. gonna be interviewed for a position at Truthmin as an intern. Mark M already said that i would most likely be taken on, but i don't know what to expect of the interview. Like clueless. But this is a job that i would really really like to do... I just don't wanna say anything and screw up later.

On another note, i busted my thumb while bowling the other day. can't really hold a pick comfortably now... gotta look into practicing my guitar more often now that i have the time during my holidays. and then of course, there's bass...

gtg, adios

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Nerd Quiz
I am nerdier than 15% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Jae got 95... was expecting a 100 out of him


My will is no one else's but Your's O Lord
My desire is to please You day to day
Forever i will say
Forever i will proclaim
Your Name above all other Names

I will stretch my wings out wide
and believe I can fly
No longer stand on sinking sand
but have endless possibilities
Because I have You
Because I have You
Because I have You in my life.

suppose i'll call it "stretch my wings"....
havent written anything that "complete" in about a year... i usually end up with a chorus and get stuck on writing the verse.... think i'm prob gonna scrap the rest of the stuff... can't seem to get anywhere with it...

then again i have this really bad habit of hating whatever i wrote after i finish writing it, and after i've played it about 5 times through.... sigh... this one is no exception, i think it sounds like crap now... don't know if i'll be able to write something that i really really like.

anyway, holidays coming up soon.... requesting to intern at Truthmin during my hols... hopefully they will confirm with me by tomorrow... tired... mom's back from canada... so at least i dun need to cook everynight anymore.