Saturday, May 28, 2005

Episode Twee...

ok, so went to see Episode 3 today with Stephen, Jo, Mel and Mike...
I must say that it was definately better than 1 and 2, and i cant say much about 4,5 and 6 because i wasnt born in that era when those movies really had impact. But i must say i definately enjoy the light saber duels a lot more in 1 2 and 3.

Anyway, the movie was really dark and all and really cool in many ways, but the thing that really hit me the most was definately Anakin and the whole Jedi council issue. Strangely enough, i guess i felt really a lot like Anakin in regards to the Jedi Council. The whole frustration and everything, i could understand it. But for one, i definately hope and am pretty sure that i wont turn to the Dark Side... haha...

Beats me on what i should be doing now really... Jacob's talked to me lately telling me that i gotta do newer and more challenging things now, and it sounds like it involves me leaving ministry in certain areas. To me, for me to leave right now actually sounds good in certain aspects. I wont have to deal with the frustration of trying to run things even though so many stupid things get in my way... mostly dealing with power issues. I can actually concentrate on doing other things if i do it... Yet at the same time, one or two say i should stay, that i am needed.

sigh... i shouldnt think so much.... and it's time for me to hit the sack.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

wednesday morning thingy

1.How many beds are there in your room? uh... 1... i think
2.Is there a fan or an aircon? both
3.Are they functioning? yes
4.Do u use em' everyday? yes
5.Is there a stereo? it's pathetic, but yes
6.Any musical instruments in your room? my bass, my yamaha acoustic... and soon to have my garrison G4 by the end of this week =D
7.Wad do peoples comment abt ur room? "where do i step?"
10.Do u love your room? it's ok... could do with a tv and a computer inside
11.Is your room scary? uh.... hazardous yes, scary no
12.Is there a full-length mirror? yea
13.Are there wardrobes? yea
14.what's under your bed? we do not speak of it that lives under the bed... the dustbunnies are secretive creatures.
15.what's your bedsheet color? i think dark green
16.Is there soft toy on your bed? nope
17.Do u have posters on your bed? on my bed? har?
18.Are your walls full of posters? 1 poster... it's keith haring... the quicksilver poster is on the floor
19.When u lie down on your bed,u look up...whatcan u see? ceiling, lights, fan...
20.Is ur room messy? i guess you call it that... but messy's just a bit harsh, i'd rather go with kinda disorganised with quite a few random things here and there.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

pbbtt... school

oh well, there goes my holidays... 9 weeks... just in the blink of an eye.
this has to be the most enjoyable school holidays i've ever had... working at truthmin all this time. I just felt so in place... that i was doing what i am meant to do for the rest of my life. As much as i would want to do this for the rest of my life, i still need to get poly and NS out of my way first.
At least i have no school on wednesdays... i can go down to 3rd place and study there and still hang out with the guys. 14 weeks isnt very long... must get through it quickly.

ok... nothing much to talk about really... except next week i go buy my new wife....
finally decided on this. so for the time being, until i get my pay, she will remain my fiance. Unless someone marries her 1st. =P

Also... i did the Truthmin website. not very professional... but it's ok... it's still being updated here and there though.

xiaorong: see how. Monday i have lesson at 8am so cant run. Tuesday i only go school at 2pm... so will wake up late. Wednesday no school so wake up late again. thurs and friday think can... haha...

ok tt's all from here... signing out... note to self: watch episode 3 soon