Saturday, December 17, 2005

Welfare Dragon

Recruit S J Lee has enlisted into BMTC1 Dragon Coy.
Yup, it's National Service for me... it's not exactly a walk in the park... the days there are really dreary at times... being in there just makes me realise how much i love the outside world with all my friends... how much i miss working at Truthmin... how much i miss my family. If i would be allowed to book out every night, i wouldnt mind Army at all... training is ok, military training like M16 stuff is fine... only thing i hate is the tekaning and area cleaning. i just wish i could be more in touch with family and friends.

Other than that, i can say that God has been good to me... enlisting in Dec would be better than March cos of all the holidays (xmas, new year, hari raya, CNY)... also, my company is known to be quite "welfare" meaning that they really take care of their recruits.... we're allowed to bring in radio... guitar... vcd to watch at night (if got time) etc... and most of the big kahunas in the company are 40-50 yr old men who are quite fatherly to some degree... I'm sleeping on bed 6... bed 1-5 have all taken status in the past 2 weeks.... meaning they couldnt participate in physical activities for a period of time... i'm sick too but still able to do stuff pretty well...

too many things to say about army life... and quite sick about talking about it all the time... i just wanna go back to my old life (duh)... oh well.... like Reg always said.... think about what Christ had to endure.... it's a heck of a lot worse than what i'm going through.... at the end of the day, i always have the assurance of Christ... i just need to find that strength..