Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It doesn't fail to amaze me...

actually managed to go for 714 today at third place. I told myself from last week that i would go, but somehow when i woke up today and realised that i had to run in camp (and hence be very very sweaty) and rush down from camp, and probably reach small group late, i started to think whether i should just go down next week rather than today, to avoid all the hassle.

it rained in the late afternoon. the run got cancelled. we were allowed to book out at 5.40 rather than the usual 6.00+. So i went to small group on time, and without getting all sticky and smelly. we're doing Disciple now... i did Disciple about 3-4 years ago, but i realised that God can still use it to speak to me.

today's topic was on Deliverence. About the Israelites Exodus out of Egypt into the Desert. we were discussing that it kinda seemed like out of the pan and into the fire... for 40 years they had to travel and survive in the desert, just to get to the promise land. I kinda drew a comparison that Tekong was sort of like Egypt for me, and now life in the unit is my time in the desert. It may seem dismal and dry from here on out, but He will provide and show me the way. At least my life in the army is not 40 years. heh

He also reminded me that just like Moses, He'll place us in circumstances where we think it's impossible. Yet at the same time He'll send aid and make sure we're never alone in His mission for us. He will make a way.

I also shouldn't complain all that much. He's given me so many things, like a good vocation, i get to book out everynight. It's like His provision of manna to the israelites in the desert. Yet, it's in our human nature to complain abt the circumstances. yeah, i tend to complain to friends that it's dead boring during lectures and all. Hence, i should complain less, and hopefully not at all.

He made sense of all these things to me today when i went for 714... He cleared my day, just so that i could go and be blessed by that time i spent in church. I would've missed so much if i had followed up on that feeling of not wanting to go for small grp cos of the hassle. truly amazing.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back To "School"

yeap... practically everyday is just lectures now... can get really really boring. worse than poly. at least back there we have the option of sleeping in the lecture or skipping a lesson (as long as we meet our attendance quota). started running with abner at night... if i don't, i'm gonna regain the 13 kg i lost... aaron just joined us tonight as well.

some picture of POP and field camp. i hate to admit this... but yeah, even though BMT life was shit in the beginning, we all really miss one another and the fun we had during BMT days. Dragon Platoon 1 Sect 3 forever....

After POP.
1st row from the left: Raffi, Leroy, Kummar, Feroz and me
2nd row from the left: Rizal, Matt,
Lester, Andy

Just about to leave Tekong for the last time.

from the left: Me, Keng Han, Jason, Andy.

End of Field Camp! (amazingly i went for FUSION 2006 on this exact same day)
Entire Section 3 with our Sect Comm 3SG Ilmi.

Bed 1: Rizal
Bed 2: Matthew
Bed 3: Siew Bo
Bed 4: Kummar
Bed 5: Raffino
Bed 6: Me
Bed 7: Feroz
Bed 8: Lester
Bed 9: Swee Sen
Bed 10: Andy
Bed 11: Weiliang
Bed 12: Leroy

Sunday, March 19, 2006

POP oh!

POP was on wednesday. Dad came down to see the parade, Mom couldn't make it. I guess in some ways, we're all happy we passed out from BMTC, yet at the same time you realise you've made bonds there with all your brothers in arms, and you're not gonna be able to see them all that much anymore once we all get posted to different units.

anyway, our posting came out on friday morning. I thank God He gave me a good vocation... I'm gonna be supervising transport and supply. going to sembawang camp to be trained 1st, starts tomorrow. At the end of the day, i'll still become a commander and get commander pay. some people got really really bad vocations, like rifleman or guardsman... chiong sua all the way.

finally got a short holiday from thursday till today... though i'm thankful that i actually have this leave, it's been so frustrating at times. I have no clue why, but seems like everyone is not free to go out, either that or they don't wanna go out. sigh, in one way or another, i'm stuck on my own to go to town or stuff like that. only people who i managed to find that were free as well were my army mates... and even they had their own appointments with other friends after that. just feeling very sian over the fact that i can rarely find friends to go out with. today gotta go town and buy stuff for a friend, as well as my own stuff. die die, even if i have to go all on my own, i'll be going downtown.