Monday, June 19, 2006

Nyargblegh (cant think of title)

yes it's been long since i last blogged... but there always comes the time where it's just good to dump it all here to fester by itself rather than in me. that and the fact that my ranting buddy's in Japan... zzz
so many people have gone overseas for holidays... happy days for them and just more depressing for me... heh. just realised that i've always had long holidays in the middle of the year and at the end, thanks to poly and even secondary school. Now in the army, it's just pretty much an abyss of work and work and work, with the light at the end of the tunnel very very far away from where i am right now. cant wait for a week where i can use my leave... perhaps young leaders conference. definitely looking forward to that.

i did something really difficult last week... and it's still stinging now. i did it even though a lot of pple think it was unnecessary and stupid... but i felt that it was only fair to do that and she appreciated it too i guess. it's gonna take some time to really get over her... but i've gotta. hopefully it really doesnt take too long. sigh.

and i cant lose weight!!!! in fact i just put on weight.... it's so darn annoying after running 5km, 4 times a week as well as going rock climbing... it just doesnt add up...
army's really sucking these few weeks. sucking more than usual cos we're stuck in camp for much longer hours. not to mention tomorrow we have another exercise mission. damn camo cream. hopefully this will be the last time i have to put it on. hopefully's the word.