Sunday, July 30, 2006

The most depressing month of this year

yes i officially declare July to be the worst month i've had this year... being posted to this unit is feels like this gigantic mountain looming over me, ready to eat me whole.
This past week has been the cherry on top of all the shit that has happened to me. Yes it has been decided that i'll be going up to Thailand. Even when i was told that i wouldnt be going. it's hard to believe and trust in what some pple say in my camp. my uplifted hopes were just brought to a high, only to be dashed violently against the rocks.

i realised i've been using quite a few metaphors on this post. oh well... i just feel terrible overall... this really sucky feeling. that i'm going to thailand on my 21st birthday and i will miss young methodist leaders conference once again this year cos of this trip. not to mention i wont get to see family and friends for 1 whole month. I'll miss everyone the very moment i step on that plane.

I almost went into a state of mental breakdown... if not for Char, i think i would've (tk u Char)... i even had suicidal thoughts quite often this week once the verdict was given. i don't know if i'll learn to cope with all the stress this camp is giving me... i hope i find a way to be happy there... it seems hard to though. hard to not piss off some big shot here or there.

I'm longing for that moment when i finally leave the army... and can continue with normal life again. so many great things to look forward to. went down for Truthmin's worship workshop on fri night and Mark M asked me whether we could sit down one day and discuss abt a career with them at Truthmin. That really made me happy. working there during my poly hols was prob the happiest moments of my life. i dont recall a day where i woke up and didnt feel like going to work back then. If really, i can do that for the rest of my life i would truly be really really happy. If only National Slavery will move faster. Wake me up when NS ends.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Guest Blog Post #2

The owner of Project6Wings is lazy to update his portion of the WWW and I have taken over temporarily to satisfy your blog-reading craves.

So, hello.

The past two weeks (and the two weeks to come) have been taken over by insanely good music, both local and international acts. And it has been CRAZY GOOD. Baybeats two weeks ago, The UnXpected last week, Shirlyn Tan & gang again this week (I have no idea who's going though) and Mogwai ($78) on August 1st. Plainsunset ($25) on August 25th. Yadda yadda, don't ask me where the money is going to come from.

Miss Universe screened this morning and I caught it before I went to school. Puerto Rico won, which kinda sucks because I was rooting for Japan, who got second place. I should never root for the people whom I want to win you know, it's like with the World Cup - every single damn team I rooted for lost! Well, except for the Argentina vs. Germany match where Germany won. I supported Japan when they played against Brazil (mad I know), supported England when they played...whoever they played, supported Brazil in their losing match, supported Portugal when they played Germany, supported France when they played's so depressing. I'm not rooting for anyone when it comes to World Cup 2010.

I just read that the new Miss Universe collapsed at a post-pagaent conference. So much for graceful.

Wala on saturday night was fun. Goldie didn't know that Project6Wings was twenty one. HAHAHAHAH, looks like you'd better start acting your own age. But the band seriously kicked ass, especially when they did Muse. Funny Indian Man screamed into the mic during the last song, and I was doing my best to not laugh. He was so over-enthusiastic it was hilarious.

The psychologist on Oprah is very strange. She's scary.

But anyhow, I have a test tomorrow so point form will do:
    • Miss X left really fast on Saturday!!! Nothing's happened...yet.
    • Whether Project6Wings goes to Thailand or not, remains unknown.
    • Project6Wings also bought his PSP.
    • Left, Right and X-ter have taken their places.

Kthxbye. I'm out.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Remember Yesterday

Last week was a really bad week for me in total. leave got cancelled on thurs and friday. that was already bad enough as it is. on friday went down to Hendon Camp to report to Commando HQ. They sent me to Pasir Ris Camp (which is super ulu... 30 mins walk from the closest busstop). Next thing they told me was that i would be going to Thailand on 12 of August which is my 21st Birthday. however, the upper authorities still arent sure whether i'll be going or not. just praying that i wont have to. i would be missing Young Methodist Leader's Conference again if i go to Thailand. If you're reading this right now and like don't have some major grudge against me, please pray that i don't go to Thailand and that i get Basic Training Wing and not Advanced Training Wing. I dont mind working hard in my new camp, i'm gonna be working hard but i really don't want so much shit to happen to me.

You know that feeling of dread you get on a sunday during BMT when you know you gotta go back into Tekong? well, i'm feeling similar to that right now. just too many uncertainties and all waiting to surprise me in my new camp. One of those moments where you look back on your past and realise what a good life you had... and just wish you could fastforward time to get out of all this nonsense. I hope i'm up to the task ahead... that i wont screw up and piss off my superiors. looks like good relations with your superiors is very important in this camp. surrounded by a lot of staunch buddhists and hindus. Lord protect me.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

They digitally edited his what...?
watched Superman Returns today with Char... i'd give it 3 and a half stars. it wasnt fantastic, but at least it wasnt as much of a letdown as X3. Bryan Singer's good when it comes to these comic movies. The only thing that held the whole movie back was the restrains of what Superman can do, and has done. it's nothing new... same old same old. he beats the crap out of everything till he comes in contact with Kryptonite. it was a bit draggy in the beginning too. oh well, i guess i wont really really enjoy a superman movie unless it's abt him fighting doomsday. that'll be interesting. but tt's just me. Spoiler warning. Giving him a son with Lois Lane was a tad amusing, but all the kid did was hurl a piano at a baddie and act cute the whole way. oh well...

oh yes, miss X didnt come for yesterday's pot luck at mel's place. hah. so much for char's plan of getting me a gf so far. and for once we didnt all bring too much food. we finished everything. prob cos phen and i didnt cook this time round. headed to walas after the pot luck. i must say that shirlyn tan's voice is astounding... and the band is really tight. no wonder so many pple are so hyped abt the place. also, i realised that the pple that would win Sg Idol hands down are those pple who never join cos they cant be bothered... the Sg Idol contestants arent half as good as some of the pple i know imo. Even the best fellas in the competition are only so-so. they've got good voices but arent fantastic at all. shrugs. oh well, i shouldnt say so much since i croak in comparison to a lot of pple. Char thinks she can win Sg Idol if she joins though. haha


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So, the guest blogger speaks.

The bad thing about most guest bloggers is that they drop by, say something stupid along the lines of "Omg! I have your password! Hahahaha why don't you blog more often? I missch you!!!" but I assure you, I am more intelligent than that. Or, you know, so I'd like to think.

Recruit Lee (are you still a recruit? I suck with army ranking) gets bored in camp very easily, and messages me frequently about the dire state of his social life. Yes, army kills your social life. Thank God for Friendster. (Haha, I'm sorry, I really didn't know how else to put my point across because I don't even use the damn thing.)

But anyway, I am on a campaign to find Ian a girlfriend. Everyone in agreement, say aye. There's this girl, we shall call...X who is CUTE (not in my own words, mind you) and she plays touch rugby, she sings, and she plays the guitar. Now, now, where can we find a catch like that nowadays? Don't forget, she's CUTE as well, in addition to her sparkling resume of a very interesting combination of qualities. If I was lesbian, she seems like a good choice. But I'm not, and I have my eye on someone else right now, thank you very much. (L is for Lust)

Then again, I have no idea what's going to happen, because Mr. Project Six Wings says "see how". Saturday should come quick, so that I can see how.

Till then, watch this space.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Last few weeks of course

yes my CQMS course is coming to and end... trainee life almost over. i complained abt it a lot but it's gotta be the best time i'll have in the army cos there was no heavy responsibility for us other than just pass our tests. and that in itself wasnt even very heavy. they always pushed us to pass. not to mention, having Warrant Phua as Course Coordinator made life there a lot better. never have i, or will i find anyone that motherly in the SAF.

I'll officially be a Storemando in Hendon Camp soon. For Honour Glory and Saikang! yeah right. well, just hoping that life wont be miserable there. at least it's a stay out vocation. and bus 109 takes me straight home! 1 bus! and it just started last month. wahahaha. It's a blessing.

Of course the other thing i'm looking forward to is the pay raise, once i get my Corporal and 3rd Sergeant. i'm just itching to get a PSP. just wondering if it's really worthwhile getting it. it's super tempting now, but i know it's not a long term investment. i could be spending my money on better things... it's just that i need entertainment in camp whenever i get bored. Ranting buddy has been of great help though hah.

Tomorrow run in camp. 4.5km... fairly easy for me but i gotta wake up earlier than the usual. oh well... time to explore Z land. actually i dont explore much. it's usually all black.