Sunday, September 24, 2006

What? Monday again?!

pbbt... monday comes too fast. i was just beginning to enjoy my weekend. ok at least it didnt suck as much as last sunday where so many things just went wrong. But really, why cant monday take its time? like chill out man... slow down, i just sat down to breathe.

oh well,
met up with army pple on friday night to play dota till midnight then went home... played boggle after service yesterday at island creamery and then again at east coast... brain was totally fried after that i think. went to watch Miami Vice with Char at the revamped cathay (yes i know it's been quite sometime.. but i've never gone in before). Nearly fell asleep in the middle of the movie. though the last gunfight sequence was pretty cool. fortunately, Char's an M1 user, so tix were like 7 dollars something only. which was surprising. Came home to hear some arguement going on regarding my grand-dad and my aunts... shrugs... then watched sg idol..

i think most chinese girls i know are like supporting jonathan leong. quite frankly, it'd be quite dejavu for another taufik batisah to win sg idol, aka hady mirza... but really, his vocals exceed jonathan by a lot, imo. so he does deserve to win. regardless of who wins, they'll get much money and a contract but i doubt any of them will go very far. like hello? i dont see taufik except in a lot of 7-11 stuff... let alone hear him. sylvester just CANNOT MAKE IT.

the local music scene has so many other pple that are so much better than the sg idols. like if shirlyn tan of the unXpected was to join sg idol, they'd skip the spectaculars and everything else and make her sg idol at her audition. oh well... too many unsung heroes out there.

i need a long holiday. seriously.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Thailand... land of...
upside down switches
many many bugs and creepy crawlies
bathing with a scoop and big trench of water
very very bad music
many potholes

ok... i had quite a few more of those but i cant really recall them right now... it's been a week since coming back from thailand... i'm happy to be back cos i get to see friends and family... at the same time work is still work... and i havent been compensated for my loss of weekends in thailand yet. i need a break... a long one. I just wanna take a breather... rest and enjoy myself for a full week... i didnt get to go for young leaders conference thanks to thailand... just wondering when i should ask for my days off in regards to thailand. Camp is still intimidating and unnerving in one way or another.. there isnt a day without stress. the weekends come as a much needed relief, but it's shortlived. too short.

Very soon my upperstudy, Mr edwin lim is gonna ORD... happy him... and then all the weight of work in Pasir Ris Camp will plop straight onto my shoulders... i'm not looking forward to that... seems like a lot... but a lot of work we do now is due to his own mess... which i'm insisting he clear up himself... but i have a feeling, it's still gonna affect me in one way or another.

sigh worry worry. last weekend was really great... as for this weekend, yesterday was quite fun. however, today kinda really sucked... didnt get much done... wasted a lot of time... felt like crap.
why must weekends suck when weekdays are already bad enough?!

oh well, time to sleep.

all in all, we're just another brick in the wall