Sunday, November 26, 2006

let vegetables be vegetables and meat be eaten!

so now my mom is all about how meat is the bane of humanity... and how inhumane the whole process is of killing the animals in preparation to be eaten. and all this links back to this stupid email she got from a friend who is now vegetarian and saying "can we have christmas without meat?". She then proceeds to posting 2 links about animal rights bla bla.. how they're slaughtered in the most sad way etc..

I love my mom's cooking. she comes up with really good dishes... until now... when everything seems pretty much all vegetables. i saw a really nice cheesy casserole in the oven the other night... and expected it to have like rice and meat in it along with some carrots and broccoli. but noooooo... it was cauliflower in there... nothing BUT cauliflower... like just shoot me.
Don't get me wrong. i agree that vegetables are important and good for you... but so is meat! where the heck are you gonna get protein from? and veg simply doesnt taste as good as meat.

For goodness sakes, if God wanted us to be vegetarian, he would've said so! can you imagine? the miracle of the fish and two loaves of bread... the kai lan and two spinach buns. the miracle of manna falling from the sky when the israelites were in the desert, He would've dropped lettuce and a head of cabbage...
Animal sarifice was required before Christ.. that's not inhumane? i'd pity the poor animal-rights israelite during the miracles in egypt when the spirit of death came over egypt to claim the 1st born. "i'm sorry, i won't be putting animal blood over my doorway... it's inhumane to slaughter an animal.. you can have my kid instead"
-_-'' i want my turkey this Xmas please...

Sunday, November 12, 2006


sigh another sunday just spent rotting away. only thing i got to do was to go to the gym. need to do pass IPPT by end of this month, which is rather daunting.

Things to note at the gym (from people watching)-

1. 90.5 does not make for very good mood music when you're at the gym. And also not very safe. you do not want to fall asleep while doing bench presses.
2. If you are using a machine and are taking a break, try to keep it to about 2 minutes max... 1stly you're not getting a good workout and 2ndly, you're just being selfish.
3. please refrain from singing while running on the treadmill... once again, you're not working out if you can run and sing at the same time... and it's bad enough that 90.5 is putting me to sleep and you have to make my ears bleed now.
4. please do not try to do a weight that you cannot handle and end up only doing 1 or 2 repetitions, before putting down the weights and taking a 5 minute break.
5. the gym is a place for you to increase your heartrate and strength... it's not the right place for you to sit down and read a magazine/newspaper while you cycle for 10 minutes at the heartrate of 70.
6. It looks very weird if you pump 70kilos on the bench press and have a huge upperbody, but your legs are the diameter of bamboo poles. go run and do squats.
7. please read the instructions/ask someone if you don't know how to use the machine. it's very embarassing if you try to push down on the foot bar of the assisted pull up machine, hoping to get a workout on your triceps.
8. try to do more sit-ups than sit-downs.

i gotta find something more productive to do on sundays... it'll be nice to go out and all but not many pple to do so with... zzzz nite folks.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lord of the Strings: Return of the Queen...
An UnXpected invitation

My wife has returned!!! Got back my Garrison G4 yesterday from KaiChin... sent her in for repairs on the neck where the lacquer was cracking. removed lacquer, matt finish, then he did some work on the setup. She sounds better, feels better, plays better... the $120 was worth it. was so happy to play her again yesterday. after service, wesley young adult service... Mark and Josh played, after which i headed down to Timbre with Josh to meet Charissa, Goldie and Stephen with his gang. UnXpected was playing there. Their 1st time at Timbre. We sat right next to the stage and Josh had a very good view of Asri's bass playing...

Nov 05 2006, 0030hrs - just before UnXpected's 3rd set...

Shirlyn (walking past me): "Hey, you guys wanna jam?" (points at Josh's bass and my G4)

Me (stuttering badly): "urh.. um... nah it's ok..."

Shirlyn (still pointing at my G4): "is that your guitar?"

Me: "yeah, it's mine.."

Shirlyn: "oh ok, you sure you don't wanna jam?"

Me: "yeah, it's ok..."

Shirlyn (walks on stage to get something then steps down again): "let us know if you change ur mind"

that short moment was on my mind the whole night. would've been great to be able to jam with them... but would've just made a fool of myself onstage... nowhere close to their standard.

long day in camp tomorrow... argh... need. a. break. urgently.