Monday, January 15, 2007

FUSION '07!!!

it was a wonderful weekend. managed to get out of camp on time of fri evening. braved the rain and got down to Suntec for the 1st night of Fusion. Got there to help out, so got my T-shirt and headed to the console to help with powerpoint and other random stuff. The atmosphere was amazing. such a huge place... 1500 people approx. got home at about 1 after supper with Jo, Favian, Jill, Mel Guan and Reg. Reg dropped us home.

Slept for 5 hrs and got ready for day 2. cabbed down to Suntec with my guit. whole day was simply so so fulfilling that it disappeared before i knew it. Guit workshop during the day. Then came the night rally. 3000 people! Youth Alive was amazing, as well as the wesley and aldersgate bands. Somehow the time came to pack up before i knew it, then headed to NYDC again for supper with Reg Bel Mark Favian and Mel Guan. got home at 1 again.

Slept 5 hrs once again then went down to Wesley YM. Youth Alive was playing again. They didnt hold back even though it was a smaller congregation. Went for lunch with them, Alvin, Jo, Eugene, Favian, Chinhui and Joshua. Chicken Rice at toa payoh. Got to know Youth Alive during this day. All very cool people and not a whole lot older than me. They went back to the hotel to rest for awhile then Pastor Alvin, Jo and I picked them up at 5pm to go borders and far east, followed by night safari at 8pm, then late dinner at Adam Road Market. Got home at 1. Yet another awesome day.

Seriously tired out after that weekend. it was so much fun and i really enjoyed it. anyway, here's a concept for the Fusion T-shirt that Mark did... in the end he scrapped this one and ended up with the current one. We realised that if we did do this design, we'd prob be all arrested at Suntec... haha.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

11 days of bliss...

... have come to an end.
yeah, so my holiday away from army is over. And yes i am terribly sad right now.

Day 1: Book out of camp in the morn after graduation ceremony for the trainees. went home to sleep for an hour before going down to wesley for Carols by Candlelight. Excellent night. Supper at Macs with Mel, Mike, Wynne, Joe, Jo and Alvin.

Day 2: Xmas Eve... went to Wesley in the morn for YM then out for lunch... then to Francis' house with Mel, Mike, Joe and Wynne to chill, play mahjong and play xbox(in my case)... Xmas eve dinner at home with family.

Day 3: Xmas... to Wesley for Church Service, then back home to vegetate... Xmas Dinner at Grandma's house.

Day 4: met Wesley YM Camp group for lunch, movie (night at the museum) and dinner.

Day 5: Parents leave for OZ. met Steph to go to Davis to sort out her guitar. Head to Church to meet Pastor Alvin to go for retreat at canossian convent. reached the retreat centre in the evening and met rest of the gang... Mel, Mike, Yunling, Mich Tok, Wynne, Madeline, Jason and Brenda.

Day 6: woke up in the retreat centre... spent quality time with God and 714 group till late noon. went to cold storage to buy groceries and headed home.

Day 7: cook lunch for Lydia and watched Legally Blonde (yes i dont believe myself either). to Bukit Timah and back and rot at home.

Day 8: met Steph Quek for lunch at wisma, followed by chillout at her place with Wanping, and the constantly mad Shumei as well as several other pple... I learnt how to play Bridge on this day, though i'm still have not totally understood the game. Discovered Quoridor and how fun it is.

Day 9: New Year's Eve. To Wesley for P&P Service. Watched Death Note 2 after lunch at Mos Burger. Back home to pack stuff. Joe picks me up to go Mel's place for dinner. (which was very nice btw, thank u Mel). Off to Church for watchnight service practice. Francis, Mike and I played. Reg lead. Service starts at 10, last 2 hours of 2006 in games, worship and reflection.

Day 10: Chatting, Boggle and Movie Marathon in Church. Slept at 4.30am while the marathon was still going on. Woke up often due to the noise. went for breakfast at Tiong Bahru Market with Mel, Mike and Joe at 10am. Home to sleep till 1. Met Wynne at Island Creamery 4.30pm. Steph Quek drops by with her dog Kylie to play dai dee and quoridor. BIG rainbow in the sky. Adam Road market for dinner with Wynne and Joanna. Head West with Wynne. She goes home. i go over to Mark and Sarah's place to catchup. feeling dead tired due to previous night and the dread of work. Dad got back this day.

Day 11: Woke up. reality of going back to camp really sets in bad. lunch with dad, then town with Mel and Mike. Dinner at Bugis with them, then to Esplanade to see Steph perform. and this brings me to where i am now.

it was really great to have this 1 and 1/2 weeks of freedom and enjoyment. really saddens me to see it go. and i'm dreading the feeling i'm gonna have tomorrow morn when i wake up.
11 more months to go in the SAF. pls be quick and painless.