Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time after Time...

Had 2 days off on thurs and fri, followed by leave from mon-wed.. It was really good. 7 days out of camp.

Went down to Outram Sec last thurs to help out with the outreach thing there with Truthmin and Third Place. Reminiscing of Roadie days... haha. setting up the sound system/ instruments etc... as usual, tearing down takes 1/5th the time that it takes to set up. Met Jon Ong from BRMC during the outreach cos he was playing for Truthmin... Mark D was telling me about him. saw him play electric guit during Fusion. I'm ashamed of myself as a guitarist now. haha. great guy as well.

Fri, back down to Truthmin to do a video from footage we shot on thurs. Also had a "surprise" bday party for Char at Timbre, which i nearly screwed up due to my stupidity. Fortunately, she was too nua that day to notice my screw up.

To Third Place on Sat for Service... had to lead worship. went well. had bbq on the rooftop at night as followup to the outram outreach.

Sunday was another nua sunday for me... just rot at home... till evening where i actually went for a run. heh

Monday... start of WAM Camp at Wesley (called CAM Camp again this year thanks to drama and dance being put back in)... awesome time... met Lydia for Pool and then dinner at Fish & Co. Back home and online to settle Worship for tues morning with Mark D.

Tues... Day 2 of WAM... Mark D lead worship in the morning. Once again, another great day spent with people i love a lot. Out for dinner at plaza sing with Jesse, Shernice and their 2 friends from Aldersgate... then we caught "pursuing happyness". The movie almost made me tear. So far, i've only teared watching the Passion of Christ. not bawl mind you... just tear... it's bad enough though. heh. But really made me think about things in life.

Wed... Led worship in the morning, where i made 2 major screw ups. (this is what i get for trying songs that i'm not that familiar with playing yet, and not practicing before worship. Truthmin doesnt really practice much or at all before we play for worship. guess it's good and bad) Went for small grp at Third Place after that. Nearly fell asleep several times. was really tired... somehow when you're on holiday, your body runs on a different battery as compared to when you're working in the army. You tend to be able to sleep less and accomplish more things (that you wanna do of course).

Then of course comes the very sad return to reality, that is army life. I hate that feeling. it really really sucks to feel that dread of going back to camp after a long break. one of the crappiest feelings in the world i think.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another Army Daze...

I'd never thought i'd ever be called a "pet" much less in army for that matter. On friday, a friend who's a training spec, called me a "pet" and that i was effed up cos i was so "on the ball" for doing things for our 2IC. Or at least i thought he was a friend.
My camp is screwed up as it is, no hope for a lot of welfare, and there's a heck of a lot of other CQs out there who arent suffering as much as me. I'm not complaining right now but i still try my best cos i've convinced myself that it's because of my personal integrity. Nothing else.

We've yet again been slapped with a "stay in" status, meaning we shouldnt be able to go home on weekdays. Which doesnt make sense because we've been working so hard as it is and we've been showing results. I was the only guy that tried to reason with our 2IC when this happened. His point was that we were being made to stay in cos of the exact same fella who called me a "pet". the office changing room was a mess cos of him and certain documents weren't being maintained on his side.

It's the contingency of ratting out on a friend or doing your job well. Well, i chose to rat out on him on a serperate issue on friday. hence the name calling. Not feeling too good about the whole thing. I'm just trying my best, yet why do i have to make friendships sour at the same time. sigh

Another Sunday rotted away. spent most of the time playing PSP, watching anime and sleeping. What's the deal with the sad life? i'm 21 for goodness sakes, i should be living it out. but i end up just wasting the time away. Such is army life. where's the point? every week zips past (which is the only good thing imo) but where's life? havent seen it much at all. ok i'm just being emo. havent been in quite some time i think. Around me, i see all my friends getting attached/ already attached... i'm really happy for them.. but i dont see any glimpse of that for me... okok yes, emo emo. blah.

Munchkin Cheats:
On a side note, i've discovered a new cheat code while playing munchkin.
To unlock, wait till Wynne gets a Cleric Class Card and see her grin with glee. then place a "curse! change class" card in front of her to switch her back to a warrior. then press urself against the back of your chair and watch the FMV (full motion video, for those non-rpg players) of a very very very scary Wynne Chia wanting to flick your ear. Warning: we do not hold any responsibility of any bodily harm the Wynne Chia might inflict on you if you do not move back far enough in your seat.
Sorry Wynne about the change class, but yes you were very scary!