Saturday, May 26, 2007

The torchlight theory

Just went for iHope today. Youth Conference/ Seminar. It was pretty good. the main speaker was Sy Rogers, really amazing guy... i could talk a whole lot abt him now but that would take a really long time. Only thing that i felt didnt really match up to the whole level of the conference was the praise and worship. Not that they were bad, but you could tell they were kinda inexperienced in understanding the energy levels that go into the whole thing.

Some short reflections on the workshops. 1st one i went for was on God's will. the speaker categorised it into Sovereign, Moral and Individual.

Sovereign meaning God's BIG plan. End of the day He wins. Along the lines of the rainbow and the end of the storm. the good brought out of all the evil that occurred, in some sense.
Moral meaning decisions we make from what we perceive as right in our lives.
and Individual (which we all always struggle with the most) is about the things that happen in our lives, be it big or small. Like whether to wear shorts or jeans today or whether to become a doctor or a lawyer.

God eventually reveals His will to us via the torchlight method. He'll show us things a step at the time. as we progress to that step, we'll see more of His will in our lives. In some way, that really annoys us like mad at times. But we gotta learn to live with that.

3rd workshop was with Sy Rogers. He was touching on sexual issues that usually don't get addressed much, and it really helped everyone.. including myself. But he also mentioned about Christians becoming very "event/miracle" oriented. This kinda reflected back to me about what Alvin was telling me the other day. There are 2 terms: Chronos and Kairos. I think i'm spelling those right. Kairos is abt the moment in time where we witness God's presence really touch us. These events occur... and they come along in the line of special events/miracles. But during this whole fascination with Kairos, we cannot forget Chronos. Which is, the daily task of getting to know God though we may not feel the tangible, amazing things that we would encounter in Kairos. God may have died for us on the cross and forgave all our sin (Kairos), but it will take a really long time for us to really know Him and His will for us (Chronos). It's something i definitely struggle with too. i wish every moment in life would be like a Kairos moment. But that doesnt happen.

I left the conference at dinner time and decided to go back to 3rd place, cos i wanted to see everyone, including jo, who's been having a really hard time recently and i havent seen her in quite a long while. But as i got of 33, i realised i left my favourite jacket on it, as it sped off. To tell you frankly, i'm feeling kinda sad now. Guess it may be the cumulation of the fact that i lost my jacket, that my boss is coming back this wednesday, that i havent really fully planned and prepared for games for Church camp this coming week, and that sometimes i find that i'm a walking doormat for people who i make a conscious effort to make happy/please and they don't reciprocate the intention. But at such a time as this, i know God's will is at play one way or another in my life. i may not like what God's torchlight is pointing at now, but there's a purpose for this happening. I can't ignore the Chronos and expect the Kairos every single step of my life.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

New borders
Back to work tomorrow. fortunately, practically almost everyone in camp is leaving for training in taiwan and i'm not going this time fortunately.
Past week has been spend busy at work, yet also contemplating the future. was talking to Alvin on the way back home the other day. He was saying that there might be limited room to grow in truth. Possibly quite true... although i do enjoy myself there a lot, and it's work that i wish i could do the rest of my life, there's also other stuff for me to do as well. that's why i'm starting to venture into serving at Wesley YM. just starting to get to know people here and there. just hope that i eventually fit in. still think that i dont. This is not to say that Truth is out of the picture. i definitely wanna do things there as well. it's just amazing to see things like Fusion happen. Without Truth, these things may never really come to be.

Also been playing World of Warcraft. Now i know why there's so much rave about the whole thing. even though the game is rather old already... it's really an interesting and engaging game.

anyhoo.. mel tagged me on her blog (which link i need to update)
how these things originate, really baffles me.. must be really bored.


1. i have a huge scar on my left foot that kinda looks like an "i"
2. i'm the grandson of an ex-professional wrestler (the WWF kind yes... just that it's in singapore)
3. i can't ride a bike
4. i cannot stand the smell of newspaper ink. makes me feel like puking. since young. (this is probably the weirdest thing about me)
5. i used to do gymnastics when i was in primary school (when i was skinny.. appalling no?)
6. i got my scuba diving license at age 12, but i still havent gotten my driving license at age 21 -_-''
7. i can pull a 6.5 tonne truck but i cant do more than 5 pull ups... haha (hopefully will change soon)
8. i think of stupid bets in my own head like "if the next bus that comes is 147, i'll try calling her tonight" or something like that/ along those lines. (but i never usually follow up on those personal bets)
9. i have weird sleeping positions (mel and some others told me that i slept like a beached whale once during movie marathon watchnight)
10. i'm the nephew of Nigel Hendroff (Hillsong electric guitarist). i didnt know that either till about a year ago...

I cant really think of who to tag, cos i don't know who reads, but ok, i tag:
1. Aaron Wilfred
2. Shing
3. Melody
4. Steph Quek
5. Hern Shung