Sunday, June 10, 2007

T.A.G. (tactical action games)

we went to play laser tag today at macritchie reservoir. at 1st when i asked other people to go too, they were like "wad? you're gonna do ATEC in macritchie reservoir?" haha. So went down with Mike Mel Wynne James Joanna Joe and Yunling for some running around and spazing with guns.

Ok, so after this encounter and the last paintball game in feb, i have deduced that....

1. it's always good to wear something that blends in with the environment and not something striking like orange or light blue (unless u want to draw fire of course)

2. pointing your weapon at your team-mate is a big no no... you wouldnt like it too if you took a paintball in the butt at close proximity, and you wouldnt like to start laser tag with less lives than 10 just cos some trigger happy team-mate decided to test if his/her lasers were really working.

3. in laser tag, you can cheat by placing duct tape over the receiving sensors. (this is also known as god mode in common gamer lingo). If duct tape is not available, feel free to show ur opponent ur butt and back and hide the sensors in your shirt while you retreat in a strange fashion.

4. in view of being tactically sound during the match, please refrain from yelling out your bf/gf's name and surname when they sneak up on you from behind. this usually just draws more attention to you and will get you killed faster ultimately. (be prepared to face 2-3 more opponents in such circumstances. in which case, your only hope would be for them to go mad and shoot each other)

5. if you are lacking in the area of aiming, feel free to hang behind behind much foliage and wait for everyone to slug it out before you come out and pick off whatever remaining lives they may have. (this tactic also works well with walking around aimlessly with your weapon aiming to the floor as if you're already dead, in which opponents may actually fall for it and divert their attention to other things while you sneak up from behind and take a few cheap shots at them)

6. if you get shot, dont just stand there. odds are, your opponent has his sights on you still. standing there admiring the pretty lights emanating from your gun aint gonna make you regenerate life magically.

7. when finding a nice place to camp, always pay attention to the terrain before you prone. it's not nice to have ants in your pants/shirt. you'll be doing more itching and ant-killing rather than any firing (and ant frags dont count)

8. paintball, though more expensive, is still more appealing than laser tag. it's just something about about having real impact in your shots and being able to know when you're under fire or not. (in laser tag you can switch off your sound and do stealth shots... plus no recoil.)

All in all, what's most important is the people you play with. At the end of the day, you gotta be able to just sit down and laugh at one another with no hard feelings. =)

anyway, right now, it's Game Over. Back to work. back to army.
On another note, Alvin just told me that he's giving me an opportunity to run the whole third place service on the 7th of July next month as part of my training since i wanna go into full-time. Don't know what's gonna happen/what i'm gonna do. I'm excited and nervous at the same time i guess. It's something i wanna do, but i havent done in a really long time. hope all goes well.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Being Deaf...
is something i really dread and am very scared of. I had a taste of it though. I got home from 3rd place camp yesterday afternoon and washed up... when i was cleaning my ear with a cotton bud, the wax somehow got into my inner canal and stuffed up my hearing. (this has happened before but didn't last very long) I spent the whole afternoon trying to get the wax out, and a lot of it did but i was worried about what if i had pushed the cotton bud in too far earlier and punctured my ear drum. It gave me time to think of what life would be like if i was deaf/ semi deaf. it's scary.
I also realised that when you can't hear things, you tend to focus inwards more, as in contemplate about stuff more and block out things around.
Went to the Doctor's last night and he gave me some eardrops and tablets and sent me home. which was rather disappointing (like fix it NOW dammit). Woke up Sunday morning, still unable to hear. So when i got into the shower, i prayed really hard God please let me hear again.. and then pop, suddenly there was an opening. i was ecstatic. then on the way down to wesley in the bus, it suddenly closed up again. i was like why?! and i felt God reminding me that He will give and take away things from my life. and He also told me that it ain't gonna be enough to hear again. He's gotta clean out all the crap that's in there as well or it's just gonna creep back. And He wasn't just talking about my hearing. He was talking about my life.
Got to wesley for YM 9.30 service, then as i was leaving, i decided to try one more time to clear up my ear canal. and this time it cleared up till now. Which i really thank God for because i was gonna watch Anberlin at Far East Square with Mark at night (was pretty good) and i didn't wanna waste my 50 bucks.

3rd Place Camp
Must say that it was really really fun this year at Camp Christine. the place super ulu... but nonetheless a really good place to have a camp. Played and Laughed a whole lot and got to know each other better. It's things like these that really remind me how much i am blessed by the people around me. Was sad to see the whole thing come to and end. And even sadder now that i have to face the stress of work again tomorrow. sigh. 6 more months...
To you guys who have been a blessing to me in my life, i've said it, and i'll say it again. I really thank God for blessing me with you guys in my life. I wouldn't know how to face it otherwise.