Tuesday, July 31, 2007

O_O I rarely have dreams...

... but why is it whenever i do, you seem to be in there 90% of the time? why? why?
It's just so strange especially after all this time...

I'm not really the kind to believe in "omens" or stuff like that... so i guess this is where psychologists come into the picture.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Much Drools

So realising that the Crowdster Plus is kinda difficult for me to get in terms of cash, as well as proximity, i decided to look at alternative hybrid guits...

and i've spotted 2 that are really drool-worthy as well... both costing slightly under 4k SGD... both available in Singapore!
Taylor T5

Chet Atkins SST

Oh, and yes, some people have kindly highlighted to me that exchange rate for AUD is not 1.7... it's 1.3... so yes, the crowdster does not cost more than 10k... but still it's about 8k+ SGD.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Money Making Flora Indeed

2 posts ago, i was drooling over the Crowdster Plus, and i still am drooling over it. So i figured i'd email the closest vendor to Singapore, which is Australia, Canberra... This shop called "proaudio".

I asked if they had stock and how much it would cost. This is their reply:

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the email!

I don't have a Crowdster in stock at the moment but have one on order, due to hit here in the new 6-8 weeks or so.

This unit has been on order for approx 10 months and has had a bit of interest but so far it has not sold.

I have attached a word document with the specs for the guitar as it is ordered.

We expect this unit to cost approx $6500 or so AUD retail and we can ship to Singapore if you wanted the unit.

If you are interested I can get you a quote delivered to your door when the time gets a bit closer to arrival.

Also note that we can order in any guitar that you wish if you want to spec one up, just be aware that the time frame is approx 12-14 months from ordering to delivery here in Australia!

Please email me if you have any further questions!



Ok, so last i checked, it's approximately 1.7SGD to 1 Aussie dollar. this translates to the guitar costing $11,050... jaw drop.
Anyone want to donate to the "help Ian get his dream guitar fund"? arg.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pant pant pant... collapse

this weekend's been really really physically demanding... so tired.
friday 12km run, saturday captains ball with 3rd place peeps, sunday mizuno 10km wave run, followed by touch rugby in the noon, then tomorrow 8km PT run in camp. argh. i think my body's gonna go on strike soon.

Felt that i performed fairly well for the wave run though. came in with pretty good timing (or so i think). But must say that the whole thing wasnt exactly planned very well. even Daniel Ong (the emcee for the event) was shaking his head over the organiser's indecisiveness over what to do for the bag storage. not to mention, at the 4.5km mark, some joker was telling us 10km runners to run the 5km route. Caused a heck of a lot of confusion. and the crazy queue at the end for the goodie bags. i think the queue would've prob lasted about 2 hours. ridiculous. fortunately i managed to find a familiar face in the front of the row and got him to take goodie bags for me too.

my brain's zoning out now. goodnight...

Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm in love...
with this hot thang...

Anderson Guitars: The Crowdster Plus.
the sound is phenomenal for live playing. Not to mention it has an acoustic as well as electric pickup. Meaning that you can play it as either an acoustic or electric... Also, it's impervious to feedback because of it's sealed hollow body.
It is as they say, "the supreme live-music acoustic guitar"...

only 2 problems:
1. apparently the closest distributor for Anderson guitars, and ultimately, the Crowdster Plus is either in Taiwan or Australia!!! ARGH. this is to say that nobody brings this babe into Singapore. (do let me know if you do know anyone that brings this in!)

2. it costs a whopping $3750. ow ow ow... so even if i find her in Singapore, i'm still gonna need to find a way to magically turn the plants in my house into money making flora. sob...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

GASP Air!!!

there's this new guy amongst 3 others that has been attached to my sub-unit as a storeman for Ranger Course. In preparation for it, they have been placed under me to start the store preparations for the biggest course in the SAF. This new guy (to whom i would from now onwards refer to as Mr. BO) has, as the name suggests, seriously very very bad body odour.

I walked into the office today and nearly collapsed from the smell. I don't know how all the rest put up with it... but it was really ridiculous. I had a talk with my sergeant major and he realised the problem as well and suggested that we make him bathe 3 times a day. Once at every meal. So eventually, i got Mr. BO to step outside the office and had a serious (though breathless) talk with him and his problem. He's aware that he has it and he credits it to the fact that he sweats a lot. But everyone sweats a lot too (it's Singapore for goodness sakes, little red dot near the EQUATOR!) and no one smells a tenth as bad as he does! He doesnt even smell like sweat. It's indescribable what he really smells like.

Anyways, i had to be the bad guy and tell him that he needed to do something about it. Go to a doctor and ask for advice... Bathe 3 times a day... and use soap when he bathes... (goodness i'm worried that i might actually need to take sandpaper and scrub him down with acid myself)... and that he was not allowed in the office until he got his problem sorted out... (or i'll have to irrigate my whole breathing system, lungs and all, everyday). I can't remember the last time i stepped out of the office and really really appreciated the air around me.

Yes, ok some of you may think i'm being a real mean arsehole to this guy and the way he smells. But for goodness sakes, it's for his own good... who on earth would employ him in future when he leaves the army?? Pepe Lepeu? Last i checked, he wasnt a real person.

Hence my grouse right now... everyone in the office knows how bad he smells and have complained about it... but they dont say anything to him about it, and then when i play mr badguy and confront him, they say that i was damn mean to him. Yeah sure, keeping quiet and holding your breath in the office the whole day will magically sprout daisies and roses in the office and all will smell better. (if you ask me, the roses and daisies would wilt 1st)

Anyway, was thinking that perhaps 2 years ago, i wouldnt have done what i just did. I'd be like the rest and be "nice" to his feelings. worse come to worse, i'd move and work elsewhere. Looks like i've changed somewhat over time. I don't give so much of a rat's ass anymore in some sense... I'd like to say this makes me a stronger person somewhat... but it does come with its cons too i think.

Gosu Guitar Playing! Enjoy...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

98 days left!!

98 working days left in the army. it's finally hit double digit! The past week's been tiring... practically spent the whole week in camp and stayed in a whole lot... simply cos my parents aren't around and will be coming back from Hong Kong tomorrow...

Lead service last week at 3rd place. it was an interesting experience. wasn't really entirely nerve wrecking... (doing a sermon in front of an entire international school back in 2005 was probably worse) Overall, the experience is what i need. there's a lot of observations i made from this... a lot of learning points.

Next Sunday is 10km Mizuno run... now 10km shouldn't be a problem, esp after running 13km on thurs.. just a bit daunted by the 21km run in august. sigh... i just hope i don' end up pulling down the entire commando formation. really don't want Chief Commando coming to me and asking me why i didn't meet the timing for the 21km run.

I'm getting a temptation to join the Wesley YM worship team... at first after i expressed interest in joining, i felt that i might be doing it for selfish reasons and not reasons towards the glorification of His name. This was after some peeps from Third Place talked to me. So i pulled back and said i wouldn't join. But at the same time, i still wish very much for a different exposure, musically... i dunno. kinda mixed right now... not sure what to do. ah well, what's new. back to work tomorrow... weekends are too short.