Sunday, November 11, 2007

Coffee Vampires, Falling bolsters...

went for YM 9.30 service then headed out with CMJ people to have breakfast at Dome.
Gareth's food was late and he needed to zhao back to sing for the 2nd service. so we da-baoed his food and i brought it back to YWCA for him.

On the way back (while still holding the Dome paperbag) jbarks comes from behind and asks if there was any coffee in there. haha. last week he couldnt even eat lunch at fish and co. cos he hadnt had his coffee yet.

and now, this conversation just happened over msn between jbarks and me...

-Ian- Why? says:
oh yeah... and eric and i realised that at sports sch u will be zombie
-Ian- Why? says:
there's no coffee there
-Ian- Why? says:
well, no real coffee that is
jbarks says:
jbarks says:
need driver
jbarks says:
duty driver
jbarks says:
-Ian- Why? says:
jbarks says:

Lol... i just found that really amusing. On weekdays however, Jbarks is an opstronics I/C in camp and he hides in the dark confines of his air-con store and hibernates till lunch or till someone needs to return/loan something. Hence, because his exposure to sunlight is minimal, he doesn't really need the coffee.

Wesley YM camp is being held from 13-16 Dec at sports sch btw...

Anyway, headed back to Fish and Co. again. (consecutively in two weeks!) and had lunch there with the other CMJ peeps. Had a surprise party for Chin Hui, so we bought a bolster and coloured/drew/designed/doodled/drew pink IC on it with markers. then waited for her to come and dropped it on her from the 2nd floor. too bad the majority of us had to hide in the toilet while all this happened so we never really saw the look on her face when it happened.
And as we were all waiting for her, Gareth concluded that she'd take quite some time to turn up and decided to bomb toilet bowl island at that very point in time. When she did turn up earlier than he expected, i went in and told him. To which he said "oh shit" how apt. haha.

Was quite fun hanging out with the gang for lunch. and i ate too much once again. I'm really growing fat... it's scary. MUST RUN!

Back to work tomorrow once again. 3 weeks left now. hopefully the last week will be spent clearing leave and off rather than coming back to work. crosses fingers. and of course, definitely hope not to extend. (choi choi)


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