Sunday, November 18, 2007

Goodbye Hope Centre, i'll miss you dearly...

we had our final service at Hope Centre cafe yesterday. Quite a few old faces came by. Had an extended service. Talked about how the church isn't the building, but it's the people that make up the church.

I'm really really sad right now, knowing that we wont be at the cafe anymore. That this morning might be the last time i wake up in the cafe. the last time i leave that place while it's still ours. Was telling everyone that i cant remember one single time i had a bad moment at that place. The memories i have there are only good ones. There may have been happy and sad moments there, but they were all good moments in the essence of it. Working there, worshiping there, hanging out... sleeping there... goofing off... That place really in some sense became home away from home, which is what Third Place is supposed to be.

Now we don't have that place anymore... and there isn't quite anything else like it anywhere else. At least i'm not losing the people that i hold dear. it's just the building i tell myself. but there are still emotional strings attached to it, and it hurts to have those strings cut. In the past i actually imagined myself growing old in that place. I kid you not.

I know, that it's not the people itself that i'm losing... just that location. I know the answer, and we've told it to the kids as well... that at least we still have one another. But when it comes down to it, we still hurt from having something that's been so much a part of us, taken away.

The thing that really takes the cake is that we hear that Trinity Christian Centre bought over the whole building to do the same thing that we are doing. I kinda likened it to being a kid with your favourite toy, and another kid comes along and takes away that toy because his mom has the money to do so. And now that we're moving to the YWCA across the road from Hope Centre, we'll get to see that kid play with that toy everyday. i don't know how i'm gonna walk past it everyday and see other people using that stage, using the kitchen... having biblestudy where i used to have biblestudy, worship where i used to worship.
I'll say this... that i know it's probably not TCC's fault that this is happening. Perhaps they don't know the whole picture. Which church in their right mind would buy over another church's property?
But even though these people are brothers and sisters in Christ as well, it still hurts to see them use what we once called home.

ok, i'm gonna stop blogging now, i'm already crying as it is.


Anonymous Caleb said...

Heya Ian!

haha... just happened to chance upon your blog while searching up some stuff on the past "ONE Camp"s... haha... Well, see your sadness in leaving Hope Centre.. Hmmm... Trinity Christian Centre bought over that place!? hm... I'll say let God do His work... I've been to TCC quite a fair bit and to their YM, IGNYTE! as well.. What i can say is that they'll use it for all His glory is worth... needn't worry bout that... so... yup, though it's gone now... let's release it graciously for His greater purposes!

In Him,
Caleb =)

12:50 PM  

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